Guide to Camping

Preparing for the Outdoors: A Guide to Camping

"Purnululu National Park, Western Australia"  by  Eastop

“Purnululu National Park, Western Australia” by Eastop

Whenever you intend to go camping a certain amount of planning that has to be done so things go smoothly and domestic disputes don’t occur. The following article was written to assist campers plan for getting out and about and to enjoy the great out doors of Australia from my own experiences.

I only hope you will enjoy your experiences of camping as my family continues to do.

There are three golden rules that must be followed when having a trip or holiday.

These are to have:

    • A good night’s sleep,
    • Eat well, and
    • Dress according to the conditions.

If you follow these three rules then a good time should be had by all.

The equipment required for camping and care of it has been split up into sections, so that each section can be dealt with separately.

This guide has been separated under the following headings:

  1. Kitchen Equipment
  2. Vehicle Preparation & Four Wheel Drive Equipment
    -Vehicle Preparation
    -Winches & Recovery Equipment
    -Electric Winches
    -Hand Winches
    -PTO Winches
    -Hydraulic Winches
  3. Keeping Food
    -Ice Boxes
    -Food Boxes
  4. Sleeping Equipment
    -Sleeping Bags
    -Cleaning of Sleeping Bags
    -Storage of Sleeping Bags
    -What to sleep on
    -Storage of Self Inflating Mattresses
  5. Accommodation
    -Back Packing Tents
    -Family Dome Tents
    -Cabin Style Tents
    -Touring Tents
    -Camper Trailers
    -Roof top tents
    -Tent Maintenance
  6. Cooking & lighting
  7. Introduction to bushwalking
  8. Check Lists
  9. Destinations