Camping Hints

Camping Hints
by Harry Cramer

Over the years things have changed dramatically from when I first started camping. Vehicles have improved and we have become more adventurous and now travel far and wide. The equipment that was available has changed with more choice and technology has marched along with it.We now have a display panel on the dash board of the car that has a map display showing exactly where we are & tell us when to turn. Telephones we carry around in our pockets and even have access to the internet no matter where we go.Camping is one way of getting away from the stresses of life. Escaping for a week end into the bush, or longer, if you can manage it, is a great way of leaving behind the hustle and bustle that a lot of us have today. But you have to make the effort.There is nothing that compares with sitting around a campfire of a night out in the bush with a clear evening sky and looking up at the millions of stars that you don’t see when in the city. The smell of the camp fire, the food tastes better and the children will love it

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The following articles has been written from personal experience gained over the years, which I would like to pass on those that are willing to learn or add to their existing knowledge.

Harry’s Camping Checklist:

"Wilsons Promontory National Park"  Photo: Eastop

“Wilsons Promontory National Park” by Eastop