Camping Checklist

Camping Checklist

This is a guide as to what to take along on that trip, select items required and even add to the list, it might remind you to take what you forgot on that last trip.  “No matter what, have a good one.”  - Harry

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Cooking & Kitchen Check List

Alfoil,Gladwrap, Paper towels
Awning for kitchen area complete(p,p & r)
Bags to keep kitchen gear in
Bags to keep kitchen gear in Billy hooks  or Fencing wire Bucket (s)
Camp oven
Can-opener / Bottle opener/cork screw
Cleanex Tissues
Clothes pegs and line Colander (rice)
Cups of mugs
Cutting board
Cutting or carving knife
Detergent and disinfectant
Draining Spoon
Dust pan and brush
Equipment bags for billies, frypans etc.
Fire lighters
First Aid Kit
Fly Veil
Fold Up Toilet
Food box with fitting lid
Garbage bags and carry bags
Freezer blocks
Fridgee cover & base
Grill – to go over open fire
Jaffle Iron
Knife fork & spoons
Light – with gas bottle or spare fuel
Matches or gas lighter
Mittens – to handle hot billies etc.
Mixing Bowl
Plates – Bowls, Dinner plates etc.
Portable Fridge or esky
Portable sink stand
Rubber gloves
Scourer – Stainless or nylon type
Screw on hanging hooks
Set of plugs for sink (for camping area)
Shower unit
Stove – with gas bottle or spare fuel
Stove stand
Tea towels – two
Toasting Fork
Toilet Paper
Tongs – Long
Tripod or “Y” poles and cross bar
Washing up bowl
Washing up cloth & brush
Water Container(s) & Water
Water purification Tablets

Accommodation Equipment

Air mattress
Camping mat
Door Mat for tent
Dry bag for swag (keeps it clean and dry)
Dust Pan and brush
Light and spare batteries
Self Inflating Mattress
Self Inflating Mattress coupling kit
Peg Puller
Pump for air beds
Repair Kit for mattress
Sleeping Bag
Tarp to go under tent
Tent awning
Tent c/w poles, ropes and pegs


Personal Equipment Fishing Gear
Camera, films or memory disc & Tripod
Dental Floss
Fly Veil
Foot wear & socks
Hair drier
Hat – wide brim
Hyrdration Pack
Insect repellent
Long sleeve shirt
Long Trousers
Money, wallet, credit cards
Pocket knife
Soft bag for personal gear
Sun burn cream
Swimming costume
Thongs(for going to shower)
Toiletry bag(tooth brush, paste, soap, etc.)
Warm clothing
Water bottle
Wet weather gear

Suggested List of Spares, Equipment and Tools

Additional spare wheel
Air filter
Air transfer hose unit
Assorted screwdrivers
Brake fluid
Bull bag (air lift jack)
Cake of soap or hand cleaner
Chain saw or bow saw
D’Shackles – 3.2ton minimum 3 & 1/4 bolt
Drag chain 5 or 6 metre
Drinking water (in a number containers)
Emergency Strobe
Engine, Gear box and Diff Oil
EPIRB (Personal Emergency Radio Beacon)
Fire Extinguisher
First aid kit and book
Fuel filter
Fuel tank repair kit
Gas bottle and torch
Ground sheet/Radiator Blind
Hessian bags
High lift jack and fittings
HV Leads & plugs
Insulation tape & gaffa tape
Jack c/w base plate 12″square x 1
Jumper leads (compatible with your vehicle)
Leather Gloves
Length of plastic tube
Main leaf or spring
Manufactures handbook
Maps & map case
Muffler repair kit
Note book and pencil
Paper towel
Pliers & vice grips
Plug spanner
Pressure water pump (Fire Protection)
Protective goggles
Recovery Bag for equipment
Recovery Kit
Rubber mallet
Shifting spanners
Sledge hammer
Snatch block (8 ton)
Snatch strap
Soldier and flux
Spanners & socket set
Spare fan – ancillary belts
Spare fuel and funnel
Spare fusees
Spare radiator hoses & clamps
Spare Wheel
Spare wheel studs & nuts
Tie wire
Torch and batteries
Tree Protector – sling 3 metre
Tyre Bead Breaker
Tyre leavers 2
Tyre pressure gauge
Tyre pump or compressor
Tyre repair kit
WD40 or Inox
Wheel brace
Wheel chains
Winch extension strap
Winch Hand 1600kg
Winch shear pins